Generating AUR packages from CPAN modules

Is there any reason why the package perl-cpanplus-dist-arch which exists in Arch’s extra repository
missed in Manjaro repositories?

This package contains the utility which helps build AUR package from CPAN modules.
It is not safe to install this package directly from CPAN since it may break system files (and there are other drawbacks). And there is no AUR package for this (obviously because this package already exists in Arch repositories). And to build this package we need this package itself (kind of bootstrapping).

May be there is some alternative way to do this job in Manjaro?

There is a custom script in AUR AUR (en) - perl-app-cpanminus

I see the specific package perl-cpanplus-dist-arch is excluded from sync.

I do not know the reasoning … will ask around.

Technically you could simply copy the Arch Linux PKGBUILD

Perhaps the exclusion is because Arch Linux is set as the packager - according to

Sorry, could you please make clear how perl-app-cpanminus package which you mentioned is related to this?

packaging and installing perl modules for installation on an Arch based system?

although from the documenation page and the name of the package it seems more like an internal Arch Linux tool.

Well, AFAIK perl-app-cpanminus is not related to Arch based systems at all (opposed to perl-cpanplus-dist-arch), it is just some frontend to CPAN, and it doesn’t use pacman.

which is what I thought you were looking for as the AUR package description is

get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN

If that is not it - I suggest you use the upstream PKGBUILD - see my previous [comment above] - after all it just pulls and installs a similar CPAN tool - it is your system - you can do what ever you want.

Perhaps I have entirely misunderstood what the module does - and if the module is aimed at - not only perl packages - but general Arch Linux packages - then this is the reason why it is excluded - simply because it is too Arch Linux specific.

And the base - if you can call it that - perl-cpanplus is in the repo.

No, I was looking for a tool which can automatically generate PKGBUILD from CPAN modules, to install them via pacman. But this tool just install modules bypassing pacman, not as a package, but by copying files to system folders, just like cpan does.

Well, eventually I was going to do just that, but decided to ask – maybe there is some other preferred way since this module was intentionally excluded from Manjaro repositories.

No, not specific Arch packages, but it can generate AUR packages, which are common to Arch and Manjaro.
You may found description here:

I am no Perl expert - really a novice when it comes to Perl - so I don’t know - but I have asked the team.

I don’t think there is another tool for it.

It is likely the module is too Arch Linux specific - e.g. injecting support information and such into the package content - thus the package would point to the wrong support channel.

Let me see if I got this straight…

a Perl module to generate a bash script to install a Perl module? :crazy_face:

Well, it is not the craziest thing in the Linux world :slight_smile:
As I said in the topic start, it is kind of bootstrapping.

It seems to me that this package was excluded from Manjaro repositories by mistake. May be there is some misunderstanding as above, somebody mistakenly decided from its name that it is related to Arch linux only while it is not.

I think we have to think over how to return the package to Manjaro repositories.

The package has been removed from the exclude list.

It will appear as new packages normally do in unstable branch - then it will propagate to the other branches when they are snapped.

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