General updates question

Please move if there’s a better place for this.

Platform: Pinephone 64, Manjaro / Plasma Mobile. (Stable branch)

Since there was a stable update announced, I started “Discover”, and after checking for updates, it declared that the system was up to date.

A quick check of the python version in a terminal revealed that this was not the case.

Running sudo pacman -Syu in a terminal updated just over 400 packages.

So: does this mean that discover doesn’t actually manage the low-level packages or that it isn’t scanning the repositories properly (or that I need to select some option to make it do so even though it says “Checking updates” before declaring the system up to date)?

P.S. On my desktop systems, pacman -Syu is my normal modus operandi so I’m not too familiar with the GUI software management tools.

Have you installed packagekit-qt5?

Unfortunately, it looks like the update has semi-bricked the machine (more details in the updates thread) so right now I can’t ascertain, but unless is is installed by default then probably not.