General rootfs (not /root) confusion with 5.18-hardened

Hey all, relatively new to the Arch based everything and first want to say, its got what other distros are missing which is control, after first switching I do see why control is limited in other builds with the user in mind, but even so, I appreciate the system management and aspect control a whole lot and wouldn’t want to go back to increased restriction even if it means having to do fresh installs sometimes. I mean sometimes Ill do a fresh Arch install from scratch on my other computer just for fun. I love Arch, and Manjaro is growing on me as the perfect middle ground between full or close to it control and annoyingly limited. Good job with that whole thing also.

Ill get to the point, I wont pretend that I’m fluent in Linux and I hope I’m not rehashing an existing issue that has been closed, but I’m having some filesystem behavior that I don’t quite understand. After switching to 5.18, my Manjaro will not network consistently, and my Deepin cant boot on the update, in fact it insists on only booting on the original I used 5.10, when pre-update was running 5.17. I know I’m no master, but what important detail am I missing or neglecting? Could it be that I’m using Grub for both and they are not of the same parent distro? Shouldn’t be, grub should’t work like that but I’m a Lilo user or BIOS straight to EFI file until recently as I always used Slackware and Kodatchi. I’m newish to these builds. First time posting in the forum if I’m posting without the right info, apologies.

1T nvmE pci with 2 swaps, 250GB for each Manjaro, Deepin, and an Arch build. Arch runs perfectly booting from the opposite side of disk that I access via my BIOS boot menu to EFI file, and Deepin and Manjaro boot together from Grub.

intel i7
intel irisXe
Hp Ultra
Seagate 1T nvme pci
x86_64 arch
DeepinOS/ManjaroOS start side of disk
Arch build running a minimal swift on read of disk.
Problem- Cant run 5.18 on any of it besides Arch and Grub has been confused ever since introducing the image of it for initramfs.

Any ideas, or should I just stop having so much on 1 set of ram mods and 1 ssd?