General Forum for casual discussion needed

A forum where we can share opinions about some Manjaro topics, without the need for support.


Well, this forum is primarily a support forum…

Yes i understand.
But because the categories are only divided in Announcements, Desktop Environments, Support, Development, ARM, Contributions, Languages and Feedback; i think it would be a good option to have a place to share/discuss some preferences regarding apps/settings, all in the spirit of casual discussion.
Sometimes one only needs a small advice or another perspective and that does not fall into support/issues, in my opinion. For example i wanted to ask what other users have as a music player and why. It is just pure ambiguous discussion. Everyone has their preferences that suits them better and in the end everyone learns something.
I think in the old forum existed one such category but i only knew the forum for a little more than 1 week. :slight_smile:

not good ? Desktop environments for this moment is not only support : Cinnamon is Great! …Plasma is Great! … Budgie screenshots

Most forums have an off topic section to help keep the main topics clean. Think that’s what the op is asking for


The old forum used to have an off-topic category, but IIRC, you needed a certain Trust Level to post there. Maybe with all of us starting again at zero, we just need to interact in other areas first.

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The new forums should not be a chit-chat forum about things not belonging to Manjaro or Linux in general. We have to see about that suggested section …

In which section of the forum can conversational topics about Manjaro, or Linux itself, be started?

I also have to say that this is not a good decision. One can do this maybe in the commercial sector, but seeing how support generally is community driven here, some things are needed to keep the community alive, interested and active.

Seeing how “gray” the new forums look does not make me happy and is a far cry from the nice and welcoming forums we had before, which not only offered support but also offered ways to talk about the many things surrounding the linux community and have fun with people.


Nicely put Takei! Thank you.

And i don’t mean off-topic.
Manjaro related, but where you can just ask for a suggestion, or having a regular conversation like you would with people with same interests.


Meaning: Answer the questions other ask, Ask your questions, then buzz off.
Feel free to donate but no chit-chat. It’s silly and not in the corporate way.


To be completely honest, functionally not even this forum is needed.

Support is better handled at the LinuxQuestions subreddit, and development at the Manjaro GitLab.

For the latest Linux news there is the Linux subreddit, and for the jokes there is LinuxMemes.

It’s better this way because you can hang out, and get support, from people from any distro. The Linux community isn’t as segregated.

Additionally Reddit warrants civism. Due to the presence of the dislike button, people think twice before being rude to others. Not the place for opinions, but the perfect system for anything else.

So the truth: people come to this forum for socialising, even if they do in the form of technical support.


Manjaro is not just a distribution, it’s a community and a home. When people discover that Manjaro is the GNU/Linux distribution that most suits them, they feel at home. So I support a casual discussion area, because that’s what people like to do when they feel at home with like-minded others who share their interests and likes.
Even though I didn’t contribute much to the discussion, I really enjoyed reading all the intelligent and insightful comments of those who participated in the ‘Plasma is Great’ discussion in the old forum. I would often LOL and I learnt a lot about changes to Plasma, how others were using it and new ways of using my favorite DE.
I feel like the ‘home’ is no longer as respected as it was and the repair shop is now taking up all the space.


That’s all very well, but we’re talking about a subject here and not a general category!
“[my DE] is great” is a non-free and strict subject: we only talk about news and tips, technical help is banned as talking about another DE
Why not later (for some subjects)? when the devs will have less work, but for the moment it doesn’t seem to be a priority for me: I’ve always found more kde infos on reddit than here.