General feedback Odroid N2+ Mate version

Not sure if this is the right place for feedback!

Just download and installed the MATE version from Manjaro - Odroid N2+ MATE

The installation went smoothly and being new to Manjaro I found the installation experience was very good. Memory utilization is excellent 443MB after boot.

Some issues after installation and upgrade (pacman -Syu)

After upgrade :

Linux Manjaro-N2plus 5.16.8-3-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Feb 9 09:28:37 UTC 2022 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Constant screen flicker and lockup/freezing (lasting about 10 seconds).

GL performance under Manjaro on N2+ is about two thirds of that under Ubuntu on N2(non plus). So the slower N2 is faster than the N2+

I tried updating the mesa drivers to the 22.1 dev version but performance regresses further.

By default the MATE Windows Manager is set to “Marco with no compositor”. Setting it to “Marco (Adaptive compositor)” increases performance significantly but still much slower than other distro.

I can live with the performance but not with the flickering and freezing.

Love the overall presentation of the product.

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Hi there. Thanks for the feedback.

My Odroid N2+ usually run with Plasma and I experienced the same flickering/lockups there. I thought it was just down to my eMMC being about to die or something or maybe some weird Plasma thing. But you mention the same issue, makes me think it’s either a kernel issue or a mesa/panfrost issue in general now.

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Screen flickering could be the cpu hardware bug which cannot be run under 1ghz clockspeed.
Maybe try linux-odroid or linux-khadas package to see if the same happens on those kernels.

Both kernel using performance mode as cpu governor.

That’s a good point. I saw some patches going to the mailing list in the last couple of weeks that would try adressing this issue.


My device is Bellink GT King Pro (S922X-H SOC similar to Odroid N2 but not the same).

As per @spikerguy info once you set CPU Min_Speed=1GHz or CPU Governor on “performance”, it should resolve the screen flashes issue.

In my experience on GT King Pro, best to be on Wayland session. Currently I am Manjaro-Arm-Gnome Edition on Wayland session and it runs smoothly.

On Gnome-Xorg session, the mouse do still flicker especially on Chromium. On another distro with HWCursor patch on the kernel there is NO mouse flicker even on Gnome-Xorg session.

Thanks to @spikerguy new bootscript GT King Pro image, the kernel panic issue I was facing with kernel 5.15.y or 5.16.y is now resolved with linux-khadas kernel.

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I used cpupower to change the minimum freq and the governor and the flickering and freezing seems to have gone.


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