Geary not showing options for email providers on startup

I was looking for an email provider outside of Thunderbird (not really my style) that could host both Gmail & Outlook accounts, and decided to try Geary. On opening the app for the first time, the window say to select an email provider - but there aren’t any providers listed to choose from.

I looked at the documentation for Geary, but didn’t find anything useful. I am unable to sign in to either my Gmail or Outlook accounts using the built-in IMAP login.
I installed Geary through the default Add/Remove Software app, from the official repositories. My kernel version is 6.8.5-1, and I’m happy to give any other information if it’s needed.

Try betterbird

… Joke a side, I just like thunderbird.
betterbird-bin is just a fork of it.

Alternative, you could try a costume theme of thunderbird or mailspring

betterbird and mailspring are both in the AUR