GDrive Sync FUSE

**Google Drive Sync Trought FUSE Filesystem **

Is the best thing I found, but haven’t been able to obtain package for it…

I have two questions: Is it secure ( whole OCaml is in my info developed by facebook and they can’t be trusted ) or do I have something wrong in my mindset and it’s without sacrificing any personal info?

Another is, is there a package for that?

You can install it from AUR (en) - google-drive-ocamlfuse
sudo pacman -Syu base-devel
and then
pamac build google-drive-ocamlfuse

I think rclone is probably the best option to mount a remote drive.

(You don’t trust a open source programming language from Meta but your actual files with Google? :person_gesturing_ok:)

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Actually, it’s what it seems, ocaml doesn’t have AUR package for ocaml-base version bigger than 16, there’s only 15, and therefore I cannot install that. I tried with yay.

Thank you for the tip, now I have rclone.

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