Gdrive: loading folder and overall lag

I added google account to online accounts on KDE.

I see and can use gdrive on dolphin, but for navigating between folders seems to lead to a bit of lag: 2-3 seconds until contents appear, even if visit the same folder I had open several seconds ago. It look like at each point the gdrive tries to sync first. Is it possible to set things to a smoother experience? I don’t see similar behavior with pCloud app or rclone OneDrive.

Ok, so it looks like it’s not actually downloading anything and it’s not really even possible to download anything there (it’s possible to download files elsewhere on disk), because it’s a network folder, so every time it creates a temporary file and hence the lags. :man_facepalming: This is convenient in terms of memory, but not really in usability: the lag when navigating between folders or opening a file is annoying. And since gdrive can not be navigated to ( it’s a bit unclear what can it be used for. Maybe if all browsers fail, then you can resort to Dolphin view.

I hope my ignorance will be of help to someone.

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