Gcc7-libs in the manjaro repos


I use the Shadow-tech from the AUR and it has 2 dependencies which take a lot of time to build. gconf and gcc7-libs

I thought gcc7-libs was in the Manjaro repos a few months ago, but now I have to compile it myself. Because compiling takes a long time, I download a binary from a unofficial Arch repo.

Is it possible to get this package back in the Manjaro repos (Maybe I am crazy and it never was in the repos, but I thought it was)

Don’t know if there is a official thread to request things like these though.



Manjaro is a rolling release, and as such, will only contain packages that are current.

The current GCC is version 10.
For some repo package compatability, 1 or 2 older versions of GCC might be packaged into the repo by Arch Linux. But this will only happen if a repo package cannot be built/used with newer GCC.

Shadow-tech is an AUR package and as such can not demand packages to be included in official repos, Arch or Manjaro.

gcc7 probably was in the repo, back when gcc8 or gcc9 was current, but has since then been pushed out because of newer GCC releases.

According to the current list, only GCC 10 is in the repo right now.

Understandable! Then I will just download a binary from a unofficial Arch repo! Thanks for the fast answer !

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