Garuda style Manjaro Wallpaper

I love the Garuda Theme/Wallpaper so i was inspired to do a Manjaro version of the wallpaper.

unfortunately i’m not nealy talented enough to come close to the original, but i thing it a good first piece after migrating from Photoshop to GIMP

4k: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Neon Style was a thing back in the 80’s … Maybe reconsider the title :slight_smile:
As for your rendition of the wallpaper, of corse i like it. Red, Yellow and Blue as was back in the time of United Principalities of Romania :+1:

Welcome to the forum :wave:

Nice work!

Sleek, yet intense, I like it!

There’s noticeable compression artifacts along the edges of the reds, oranges, and yellows. What quality settings did you use to save it?

Iif did an intensional filter for that :smiley:
Curse the original got it. And i like the “high ISO” look :yum:

Glad u guys like it!

I’ll be adding it to my wallpaper folder.

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