Gaming Handheld Orange Pi Neo to ship with Manjaro

Manjaro web page:

Random early article:


No leak. We currently demo it on Fosdem.

Wonder how it could fit 2280 SSD in such a form factor. Looking forward to something for wider public audience!

Full sized SSDs are cheaper in costs. We also want to give our customers more freedom and simplicity to fix/maintain their devices. Since it is a Linux only based device we have to focus on that. As a software vendor we have to consult and guide our partners in this area still to choose the right components. Also driver writing and other needed things is done from our end, so all works smoothly for the end user of the devices.

Heres the page;

And a recent gamingonlinux article;

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Big news in german media also:

I hope this will gains transaction and will move more towards using Linux on their handhelds.

Will the Manjaro Version on this device be exclusive to it or will we be able to put it on an Steam Deck, Ally or even an HTPC?

Well, Etaprime has done a video about it.

Only it’s a look at the page.


Please find an article about the Orange Pi Neo + Manjaro

Translate it :slight_smile:

Congratulations for the hard work.