Games hard freeze pc on kernel 5.10, 5.11 (works on 5.4)

All games be it native like csgo or through proton or wine like gta5, rdr2 seems to hard freeze my pc when playing on kernel 5.10, 5.11 within a matter of seconds. This however does not happen on kernel 5.4. (maybe full screen applications)

Also csgo does not open for me in the first run but instead closes abruptly and only works on the 2/3rd try, and then crashes after a few seconds.

This seemed to happen after I installed kvantum and some blurred themes. [followed this youtube video]
I’ve since then uninstalled and reverted back to old theme but did not solve the problem.

Any idea what might have been modified and is causing this? (if this caused the hard freeze that is…)