Gamer mouse - 5+ buttons support and programs

I discovered gamer mouse having more than 5 buttons, for instance

I’m interested to buy one to better navigate in traditionnal apps, such as the browser, and to have the multiple buttons associate with function such as:
a button to browse backward,
a button to browse forward
a button to active vocal text

Are these 5+ buttons gamer mouse support in Linux?
Do they need special app to configure all the buttons?
Looking in pamac, I wonder for the support.


Hi @artofit,

I know this isn’t the right place for hardware reviews or recommendations. So feel free to remove the post if anyone deems fit. I’m only trying to provide what info I’ve found with my experience.

From what I could quickly see, in 5 minutes or less, it doesn’t look as if that mouse is a good idea. Especially in Linux.

I use a gaming keyboard and mouse myself, yet I very rarely touch a game. And even then it’s not something like a FPS requiring speed and accuracy. I use it for quality. (And because they look good.)

So I recommend something supported by OpenRGB.
Personally, I bought mine before I knew of OpenRGB, I use a ROCCAT mouse, with roccat-tools in the AUR. And a Corsair keyboard, with ckb-next in the AUR.

I hope this helps.

You’ll likely need to bind keys the hard way with that one.

Otherwise you can look for models with (unofficial) support for Linux, like among Roccat, Logitech, Razer…

look for models with (unofficial) support for Linux, like among Roccat, Logitech, Razer…

So there is no app that can detect any gamer mouse and associate/trigger events?
I don’t wish all features, such as fancy led colours, etc.
Just want buttton commands.

I’m using a combination of tools to make my own mouse support. Even with no support you can always achieve what you want, in theory.

evrouter (used to reassign some mouse buttons not recognized by system)
imwheel (used to have program specific mouse button configs)

But you better find a mouse properly supported, and for that, research the internet.

PS: I don’t know this specific model of mouse, but from my experience this brand has cheap cheap products…

This function, backward, forward and activate something is not specific, I used many of years with my mouses and my 15+ years old trackball, and not needed app, working without any installation.

If you buy special version gaming mouse with many buttons may you need app or driver. I was used Logitech and Roccat drivers and apps for this hardware’s from the repos and I no have problems.
I don’t know trust mouse is trustful or not.