Gamemode don't turn off after playing


I have enabled Gamemode extensions in Gnome to keep an eye if the game actual uses Feral’s gamemode (which they does). My problem is it won’t turn off when exiting a game. First I thought it may be the gamemode extension that is broken, but when run the command gamemoded -t confirms that it doesn’t turn off.

What to do?


Can you post the log output so we can see what it’s trying to do?

gamemoded -t                                                     ✔ 
: Loading config
: Running tests

GameMode was active, waiting for the reaper thread (5 seconds)!
ERROR: GameMode still active, cannot run tests!

I’ve been looking on gamemoded man pages, but I can’t seem to find a switch to turn off the daemon, so I can add the switch to each game. But I might have missed it in the man pages.

Did you setup the reaper in your config file?
Arch wiki suggests you have to create your own.

Thanks I try that!

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