Gameforge Launcher on Manjaro!

I recently installed Gameforge Launcher trough Lutris, all went well with the script for installation but when I start the launcher it opens as a window all black make it impossible to log in (had same issue on Mint XFCE and Arco), if someone manage to install and use Gameforge Launcher successfully let me know please!

It’s a known issue. The same happens for me for any WebKit2Gtk dialog in Lutris including attempting to login to Epic or UbiSoft Connect.

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For Epic Games and GOG I use Heroic, I think you can run Ubisoft Launcher on Heroic with his Sideload feature but didn’t tried it yet…
Also Ubisoft Launcher can work trough Steam, I followed this article:

Didn’t have idea that was a known issue, tought that I was doing something wrong, thank you for enlighten me about that!

Maybe if I try running Gameforge Launcher on Steam, maybe it will work idk, I go spend some time on it and try both on Steam and Heroic to see if it works and then if sucessfully make it work I will then post about it…

So I tried to run Gameforge Launcher on Steam based on that guide that I mentioned earlier and it worked! No more black window, I managed to login in my account (maybe I’m able to play Metin2 finally…).
So if anyone want to run Gameforge Launcher just follow that guide but with the installer of Gameforge instead!

Yep I managed to play Metin2, awsome!

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