Game freezes when trying to access save file through symbolic links

I have installed yuzu. I have an old save file for Skyward Sword form my Windows machine. I want to have all my save files in a common folder. So i took the save folder from /home/myname/.var/app/org.yuzu_emu.yuzu/data/yuzu/nand/user/ to /home/myname/Games/Saved Games/Consoles/Yuzu/ then i dragged the save folder back to /home/myname/.var/app/org.yuzu_emu.yuzu/data/yuzu/nand/user/ but choose Link Here instead of Move Here. i then launch Skyward Sword but when it loads the save files it freezes and i have to restart the system. to close yuzu. I know for a fact that the save file works, because when i choose move here it works fine.

My theory is that manjaro wont let yuzu access file but since yuzu sees the file there it wont make a new one and therefore freezes.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Where does the (symbolic) link that you hope to have created point to?
Does it point to the correct directory - where you moved the originals to?
ls -hal /home/myname/.var/app/org.yuzu_emu.yuzu/data/yuzu/nand/user/

Your topic title does not actually reflect the issue you describe in your post. Please edit your topic title to be clear and concise about what you need help with.

Please see:


Is the location where flatpak stores files. Inside the somewhat containerized application, the symlinks can’t be resolved.

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Yuzu stores the save folder in /home/myname/.var/app/org.yuzu_emu.yuzu/data/yuzu/nand/system/

I then moved the save folder to my own folder for saves. Afterwards i dragged the save folder back to /home/myname/.var/app/org.yuzu_emu.yuzu/data/yuzu/nand/system/

so now the symbolic link in /home/myname/.var/app/org.yuzu_emu.yuzu/data/yuzu/nand/system/ points to the original save folder that i am storing in my personal save folder.

What do you mean by

Do yo mean that if i have symkinks in .var/app they wont work?

I trust that you actually checked that that is so. :man_shrugging:
My ls -hal command was intended to do that
From your wording that is not so clear.

see also what @mithrial said - seems to be a flatpak from within which links might not be resolvable

I have no experience with flatpak and how they are structured.

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To make it more clear with different wording and explanation:

  • Your app, looking at the path of the save files, is most likely installed using a container technology like flatpack or snap.
  • Apps that are using container technology like those, have restrictions which paths they are allowed to access.

So if their configuration does not allow them to access the path your symbolic link points to, then you have a problem like you mentioned…

You could maybe try to “bind-mount” your location of the save files at the point where you create your symbolic link.
“Bind-mount”'s are similar to symbolic links but instead of the filesystem resolving the path the symbolic link points to, your operating system resolves it as if it were a separately mounted drive.

See these pages, as example, for an explanation about bind-mounts:
There are plenty more on the internet…