Game controller help needed

Hello as the title says I need help with marvo gt-80 game controller

  • I’m using manjaro kde
  • I have steam-manjaro installed and I usually run steam (native)

I’m trying to use the controller to play games in steam the game I want to play with this controller is Nioh

  • this controller is not detected under steam-> settings-> controller-> general controller settings

  • it does not appear as a joystick device in the game controller settings

  • I do have udev-devices installed

  • when I use lsusb:
    054c:05c4 Sony Corp. DualShock 4 [CUH-ZCT1x]
    and a bunch more devices

  • when I use lsusb -v |grep -i controller :
    Couldn’t open device, some information will be missing
    iProduct 2 Wireless Controller

when I go to info center-> devices-> usb devices

it shows there is a wireless controller connected under EHCI Host Controller (2)-> integrated rate matching hub-> Wireless controller

this is the details it gives there
Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment

Class 0 ((Defined at Interface level))
Subclass 0
Protocol 0
USB Version 2.00
Vendor ID 0x054c (Sony Corp.)
Product ID 0x05c4 (DualShock 4 [CUH-ZCT1x])
Speed 12 Mbit/s
Channels 0
Max. Packet Size 64

The controller is currently connected via USB obviously but I could get it to work through bluetooth on my laptop however I am currently on my PC wich doesn’t have a bluetooth adapter

any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you I will read through that page
Also I forgot to say that this controller is made for ps4 and I don’t have this problem with a normal ps4 controller