G15 5515 Ryzen Edition Hybrid GPU DPI issue

Hi all, I’m having issues with this new hardware (at least less than I expect). I have a AMD Renoir / NVIDIA 3060.

I`m using the ‘video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-470xx-prime’ driver but I’m unable to switch the between GPU’s with the ‘optimus-manager --switch NVIDIA’ but after the system relogin the GPU still the same. It seems stuck, the ‘optimus-manager --status’ shows that the switch will be applied next login, but it’s not working.

For now I’m switching graphics installing (which defaults to AMD renoir) / uninstalling (which defaults to NVIDIA). But even with this not ideal workaround the 2 GPU are rendering differently from one another.
Any I idea how I do to my NVIDIA GPU do render same as the integrated (amdgpu)?

SS (AMDgpu):



Hello @amonobeax :wink:

Could be possible that the DPI is calculated diffrently. Please check:

xdpyinfo | grep -B2 resolution

on both GPUs.

Thanks for the help man, as I said I’ll have to uninstall the package so I can the other GPU info.


optimus-manager --status 
Optimus Manager (Client) version 1.4

Current GPU mode : integrated
GPU mode requested for next login : no change
GPU at startup : integrated
Temporary config path: no

glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"                                               
OpenGL renderer string: AMD RENOIR (DRM 3.42.0, 5.15.2-2-MANJARO, LLVM 13.0.0)
xdpyinfo | grep -B2 resolution                                                                 
screen #0:
  dimensions:    1920x1080 pixels (508x285 millimeters)
  resolution:    96x96 dots per inch


glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"           
OpenGL renderer string: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU/PCIe/SSE2
xdpyinfo | grep -B2 resolution                              
screen #0:
  dimensions:    1920x1080 pixels (341x191 millimeters)
  resolution:    143x144 dots per inch

Well It seems you are right about being a difference despite both using the 1920x1080 resolution.

EDIT: Added NVIDIA info and comments.

Have a look at this section: Xorg#Display_size_and_DPI

I am not really familiar with optimus-manager, but basically it just replaces the xorg config and restart the Display-Manager (relogin). The config must contain the correct DisplaySize or DPI.

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Hi man, you were right about the DPI issue.
In my case I discovered that the optimus needed some love:

  1. /etc/optimus-manager.conf needed the ignore_abi parameter to ‘yes’
    [Had to do with NVIDIA drivers not working properly with Xorg 1.21]
  2. /etc/sddm.conf comment out the lines with DisplayCommand and DisplayStopCommand as pointed out in here
    [This one was about KDE messing with some configs that optimus relied on]

After all that the GPU optimus-manager --switch started to work (yay!).
optimus-manager.conf had already the correct DPI parameters (96) by default, which was just not loading because of my bad configuration.

@megavolt Thanks for the help man.

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