FVWM3 myExt collection

This is a collection of FVWM configs. Inspired by Gnome Extensions that make gnome multifunctional. This gave the name “FVWM myExtensions”. It started with the new FVWM3 (F? Virtual Window Manager), as an experiment and became a fully functional base that makes “my” daily computer workflow faster, simpler and more efficient. This is a model for you to use, modify or create your own.

This screenshot displays some of the extensions:

The collection makes the desk different from what you may have experienced before. It has a modern look but the behavior and navigation are similar to the functions of the mid-90s before Win95 was introduced.

If you are new to FVWM and wondering what it is all about. FVWM is a Window Manager (WM). What sets it apart from other WMs, it is also a Virtual window Manager (VM). Among the powerful Fvwm features is the virtual desktop, which allows you to place windows on an area much larger than the actual size of the visible display.

The Fvwm3 install package comes with a minimal startup configure. It gives the user the choice of expression. Details such as the appearance of windows, function of panels, pagers, and programs are created and defined by the user.

Watch introduction video (FVWM3 myExt mar2021):

Config install and collection package (15Mb)


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FWIW: @rasat has put his life’s blood in this work. He has done an outstanding job.

Thanks @manyroads. Actually, my blood is becoming virtual when exploring the virtual management (VM) of Fvwm. :slight_smile: Mostly we find window management (WM) regardless of DE or WM. We may think of two monitors to place windows on an area larger than the visual screen display. But it does the same with one, and it’s useful.

In the youtube video introduction, in the end, the virtual window movement looks a bit clumsy because of maximizing. Could not get resize to scroll over the screen edge or didn’t know if Fvwm can do it. Did a test on Fvwm1, there it was. Yesterday, I received the style: Style * EdgeResizeDelay 300

Another good news, on the Fvwm forum, Taviso’s window list (FvwmExpose) with thumbnails, now works well and it’s beautiful.

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I agree with @manyroads. @rasat, you’ve really done a great job here, not just in terms of creating this config, but also thinking about how it could be used, and the advocacy that goes with it.

Thanks again for your work – it’s much appreciated.


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The new Fvwm3 myExt v1.9 provides space and visibility. Key bindings speeding up the features, such as “alt-m” (window maximize 145 175) and “alt-t” (thumbnail).

The mouse or key “alt-d” (Desk 2x2) makes your small or large screen resolution go beyond the actual size of the visible display. With the pager (miniature view of desktop) you can manage the virtual windows with ease of mouse stroke.

One new video shows the VWM of Fvwm (7:32 min)

Download myExt package v.1.9 (13.7Mb)

I have uploaded the latest FVWM myExtensions config package 1.9.8 on Box-Look. An improvement on the virtual management config (vPager4pg.sys) and the config structure in general.