Fullscreen game with Kde

Hello, I have a question, when I play a game and i put it in full screen, I have no choice to choose a resolution lower than that of the desktop, which causes me some problems since I am in 2560 * 1440. So I wanted to know if there was a way to overcome this problem, I’m under KDE / WAYLAND

which device?
im pi4, use sdl2-rpi form AUR & set SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland.

Hi, i’m on ugoos am6 plus (amlogic s922x), and sdl2 2.0.66-1 installed.
I don’t know how to compile. thx

2.0.66 ???
sdl2-rpi is Pi only.

no, it’s just sdl2 not sdl2-rpi. Once the game is full screen, are you able to choose a lower resolution than your desktop?

last is 2.0.22
im not game player just test if ok or not.