Full update required before installing anything through pacman or pamac

I had to update all of the manjaro packages while installing any apps through pacman or pamac. How can I bypass this since I’m running on limited data per month and the update came shortly after a new installation where I had to do do it.

The updates are like ~1GB in size and I’m having very limited bandwidth.

You generally shouldn’t bypass this, as packages may depend on other packages being up to date and as such is unsupported.
When extremely limited bandwidth is a problem for you, you might want to consider switching to a point release distribution.

While there are ways to download packages from the mirrors and install manually, it is not recommended to do so as partial updates can become a problem also known as dependency h e l l.


You could just cancel it. But it´s not recomended. I think you should go to a free WiFi or something like that and complete the upgrade process. Or you just ignore it and install what you need, but let me advice you, problems should be expected and a broken system its a real possibility.

sudo pacman -S <insert package name> should only install the package without upgrading other packages.

This is NOT recommended on a rolling release distro like Manjaro though, as it can cause a lot of broken things.

Manjaro might not be for you if this is the case.


Indeed. Partial upgrades are also not supported.

Posts suggesting to do so have been removed.

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Using pacman -S ... won’t result in a partial update:

  • either the package is still available with the version specified in your package database - in which case it’ll install just fine
  • or it’s not available anymore (in that version) - in which case the installation will fail

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