Full System Upgrade Asks me to Switch to Linux-Latest?

After using pacman -Syu, I got this:
Replace linux56 with community/linux-latest?

Should I proceed with the full system upgrade? I don’t want to be on any unstable branch :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome back,

Since kernel 5.6 is EOL, the update process will replace it, with your consent of course, with the latest kernel. You can manually install other kernel too, and yes, the recommendation is to continue the update.

To check what branch you are using, run this from terminal:

cat /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf | grep Branch=

But if I install kernel 5.8, this process would still happen?

Is it really related to the kernel?

Linux-latest is not a specific kernel, it is an item that will inform pacman to install the latest LTS-kernel each time it is replaced.


Gotcha; I didn’t know that; thanks!

No worries, it makes sense as a system but it is not clear to the user when you are updating so I understand the confusion.

So after updating it, Im not able put my computer on suspend/sleep mode. Thanks god I have a snapshot.

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