Full Menu Bar in KDE Plasma

I want to see the full menu bar in each window’s title bar, like any regular OS. Instead the only option that is available is the application menu button. I want the full menu bar.

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This should help.

Or press CTRL-Shift-M to see the menu bar in Konsole.

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If you want to have them appear separate from the application (like MacOS), add the Global Menu widget to the panel of your choice.

Unlike my mac I have multiple screens on my desktop so it would be more convenient to have it a part of the window title bar.

Hi @broywork,

According to this page, that I fount here:

Step by step instructions:

From the Application Dashboard/Launcher/Menu, select “Settings” (in the Launcher: under “Applications”) → “System Settings” → “Application Style” → “Window Decorations” → “Titlebar Buttons”; then drag and drop the “Application menu” icon to the titlebar.


Also try toggling it with Ctrl+M. I just did, and it worked as well.

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