Fujitsu ScanSnap Home Software for Linux

Hello all,

I have a ScanSnap iX1400, but to use it, I need the ScanSnap Home software, which is only available for Windows and macOS. Currently, I just dual boot to windows if I need to scan something, but it’s annoying if I’m working on something on Manjaro and then have to boot to Windows, scan it, change to Manjaro, continue working.

Do you know if there’s any software for this scanner? If you own the same scanner/ any scanner from ScanSnap, how do you scan your documents when you are working mostly on Manjaro?

Is sane installed? It looks to me that ix400 is listed in fujitsu.conf.

or locally in terminal (if it is installed):

man sane-fujitsu

gscan2pdf or Document Scanner (simple-scan) work decently and are available from the repositories.

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