FSync support in unstable branch?

Hi, I have a simple question. Does unstable 5.7 kernel support FSync? Or is there a kernel which supports FSync in unstable branch? Thanks.

The AUR has fsync kernels…

Otherwise, no, none of the manjaro kernels have fsync patch.

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I see. I’ve heard about linux-zen kernel which has Fsync patch included, in official Arch repos. Again, read a post in the old forum, which was about manjaro 5.7 kernel and fsync patch. Ok then. Thanks for your reply.

But … there is no linux-zen in official repos. Just Arch User Repository :wink:
Doesnt mean you cant use it though.

Sorry, my bad. I meant Arch Linux official repositories. :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It isnt there either … only in AUR

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Oh, I don’t think so.


oh. huh. and for a while too. Coulda sworn otherwise, and I think the wiki still says so.
heh. I stand corrected :wink:

Haha, no problem. :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help.

The fsync - patches were added to Kernel 5.7 - that was announced in a testing update announcement on the old forum. It is still present (it is called “futex-patch” here: PKGBUILD · master · Packages / Core / linux57 · GitLab)

Those patches are also added to Kernel 5.8, see here: PKGBUILD · master · Packages / Core / linux58 · GitLab

You don’t need to be on unstable branch for the fsync support.


@cscs Have you heard about that?

It seems both those kernels have the futex patch … so it seems if yes.

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had some time to look into the old forum:
Intial request:

First announcement that fsync was added:

You might want to change the solution marker as the marked solution is incorrect.

I got it, but there is a reason why I’m looking for theese patches at unstable branch. I use that branch. If unstable kernels don’t include the patches, I might switch to Arch.

it does not matter which branch you are on. The kernels are build from the same PKGBUILD’s. Therefore ALL 5.7 and 5.8 kernels include the patches.

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