Fstab/systemctl daemon-reload

I have recently installed Manjaro on my Raspberry Pi 4.
I have mounted two external HDD and have included them in /etc/fstab.
In the same time, i have also added a command to switch my system from “read-only” to “read-write”.
Each time I switch (from RO->RW or RW->RO), I get the following message:

mount: (hint) your fstab has been modified, but systemd still uses
       the old version; use 'systemctl daemon-reload' to reload.

I made sure my system was writeable and run the command, however, it starts again every time I reboot my device.

Here is my fstab content:

# <file system>                                 <dir>           <type>  <options>                               <dump>  <pass>
PARTUUID=697080bc-01                            /boot           vfat    defaults,noexec,nodev,showexec,ro       0       0
PARTUUID=697080bc-02                            /               ext4    defaults,ro                             0       1
UUID=26dde20a-d9fc-444a-915d-7e596df34066       /mnt/seagate    ext4    defaults,nofail                         0       0
UUID=0cc4d693-b0ad-4434-b40c-ea355c2c6c14       /mnt/toshiba    ext4    defaults,nofail                         0       0

tmpfs   /var/log    tmpfs   nodev,nosuid    0   0
tmpfs   /var/tmp    tmpfs   nodev,nosuid    0   0

Can anyone please have a look and help me get rid of this daemon-reload message?
I think I’ve provided everything I’m aware of, let me know if you need anything else.

If you change the fstab, you have to reload with systemd.

I thought if you change fstab you should run update-grub

No, that’s not correct.

So you’ve run the command and you still get the message??

Why would you mount your root file system read only. If you run the command nothing will happen because it can’t write the output to disc.

Haha, and yes I’ve locked my keys in the car too.

How to edit fstab at boot time …

Then add the command to your command? Every time you modify the fstab you need to reload the daemons so that systemd regenerate the mounts. In fact: Systemd generates and manages the mounts, which are written in fstab.

On the line for / you see ro read-only. Change it to rw read/write and run the command.

Also, extenal drives are not handled by the fstab.

Thanks everyone for your answers.
I am using my raspberry as a local server and have ben advised to lock the SD to prevent sector damage over time.
I have followed this tutorial.

The system is mounted as ro, but I have set up aliases to switch from “ro” to “rw” whenever I need to install/update apps.
And yes, I have run the ‘systemctl daemon-reload’ command in rw mode.
It works on the current session, but the message comes back after I restart.

So if I reload the daemons in rw, shouldn’t the system take into account my fstab modifications?

As for my external drives, what should they be managed by?


They’re just drive/partitions, they can of course be handled in fstab (or systemd mount units) should you wish.

Though people often choose to auto-mount through a file browser, or an auto-mount unit if they’re not permanently attached.

Every time you modify the fstab, you should reload systemd.

If you have an alias for this, add it to the command, or if you know what you’re doing, ignore it.