Frozen desktop after hibernate

Not sure if this is the right place, I installed Manjaro with KDE but am using awesomeWM most of the time, not sure if that’d have an effect for this issue.
Hibernate (installed with Swap with hibernate) worked for a long time, but after a reinstall a few weeks ago (after changing from a Nvidia to an AMD GPU) it no longer does.

The behaviour is a bit weird, I type systemctl hibernate in the terminal it takes a bit, then the screen goes black but the PC is still on. After a bit longer the screen turns back on and I see the desktop again but I cannot control it in anyway no, cursor is not reacting to moving the mouse. A few seconds later the screen goes black again and the computer turns off/hibernated.
When I boot up again, it wakes up to the desktop from when I hibernated, but again I have absolutely no control, no reaction to mouse movements, no reactions to keyboaird inputs, can’t even open a tty.

Only thing I can do is turn the PC off using the power button and boot up normally after that.

Saw a somewhat similar issue in the gnome forum where a user could see the desktop from hibernation, but for them it proceeded into the login prompt, which it never does for me.

Thank you in advance.

Have a look here:

Be aware that hibernation is influenced by your firmware, so you need to include it in your search for the source of the issue.