From Add/Remove Software app Manjaro won’t update

From yesterday i have an update problem (maybe haven’t what to update :smiley: ) and i don’t know how to solve it (if exists).
From Add/Remove Software app Manjaro won’t update. Here are some screenshots from Updater and some fields seems to bi light grey colored what i haven’t before?
Any HELP or advise?

You have to refresh database.

I have the same issue, but I do not care it.

I have done that (refreshed Database), even changed Official Repos from Worldwide to Global and vice versa and nothing happedned (still colored ligt grey). Still wouldn’t update :frowning:
I’ll wait a few days and try again …

Update your mirror list. Your primary mirror hasn’t synced yet.


Ihave some errors and some good stuffs when updating a mirror list.
Here are some errors screenshot:

Nothing happened after refreshing and refreshing. Still the same. No updates at all :frowning:

Then it seems likely that your branch doesn’t have an update available.

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Please run this command:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

The last stable branch update was 8 days ago.

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It seems like no branch updates yet :slight_smile: (i think that so)
@Evernow i did that and restart after that and still nothing…
Will see :slight_smile: must wait

This morning i have got official Manjaro update and all working like a charm!