Freshly installed Manjaro iso

I have been nagging about this since I found out every single install since a few weeks ago will get a few immediate errors in first update.

I have lately on multiple occasions seen members of the Manjaro team say “change from linux65 to linux66, 65 is EOL”.

Are you FINALLY changing the ISO on your website to NOT be linux65? Is that why is down?
Because up until yesterday, the ISO you download for a fresh install WAS linux65.

And if you press download now you get this from sourceforge:


And even though linux51 IS LTS, is this really what you want?
An ISO from 2021?

The next ISO will be Linux 6.6 and while Linux 6.5 is EOL it takes a couple of weeks before it is removed - likely with the next stable sync.

For the link you present - I have no idea - the ISO date is 2021-03-18 - and for the record there is minimal ISO available for older LTS kernels.

The web may be undergoing some updates - which is why you see the maintenance page.


Sourceforge may pick a random ISO for you - or perhaps it was once set as the default - I have no idea how SF works.

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That is why I ask this. The last time it went ignored and the 65 kernel was STILL the install ISO that was available up until yesterday.

I know about the the daily releases and stuff, I am only talking about the iso available on the webpage, the link that 95% of the users will download from. There is no link to those daily or old LTS kernels anywhere on the webpage (unless you change that now ofc)

Me neither, I just clicked the “download” link available on

This is important for those syncing their systems

For new users the download will be updated

I see, so something DID happen, it just takes time.

I thought making a new iso was just a matter of minutes.
Today I learned that is not the case.

It may be :slight_smile: if you just rebuild the profile - I rarely download the ISO - I build using Manjaro’s buildiso tool.

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