Fresh painless install on old Macbook Pro

So I’m about to reinstall Manjaro after I managed to mess it up badly.
This time I’d like to avoid running into the same mistake again, and get it to work on my 2009 Macbook Pro right away.
I assume the last install stopped working properly (random freezes during video playback with VLC or Firefox) because of those new graphics drivers.

So the question is: how do I do a fresh install on that Macbook Pro? With at least pain as possible? Ideally using the old Nvidia drivers, and an older kernel (I suppose?) but I’m open to suggestions. I’ve used manjaro-architect via live usb, and could use that, if necessary.

  • I need the Macbook to be dual-boot. I’m using ReFind as a boot manager, which already works fine. The 2nd half of the hard drive has been set up with separate partitions for root, home and swap as suggested in
    wiki.archlinux dot org/index.php/Mac#Arch_Linux_with_OS_X_or_other_operating_systems

I like Manjaro because the Wifi driver for old Mac hardware just works, unlike with Debian-based distributions. But all the ease and simpleness seems gone now.
I have some experience with Linux but not much with Manjaro. Happy to do command-line.

Thanks for any help!