Fresh Manjaro KDE with old Kubuntu look

Hello team,

I had Kubuntu which I was not happy with. Today, I installed Manjaro KDE

  • I formatted / partition
  • I kept /home partion because I had there some data (pictures, documents)

I like the manjaro look which I saw when I booted live USB. Manjaro did install successfuly, however after reboot, it looks exactly the same as kubuntu.

Can I somehow have the nice Manjaro look ? Anything I can do ?

Thank you.

Manjaro is a linux distribution. That means almost everything can be changed, especially the look. Icons, sddm themes, aurora themes, control themes, almost every if not all applications, etc, etc. The list is almost endless. The changes are the users choice, and there is a lot to choose from. Take a look here.

And also your user configuration, including KDE look and theme.
You should be able to apply Manjaro’s default theme Breath from the KDE Apparence settings.

thank you for tip.
Meanwhile I did copy .config from /etc/skel/.config which also worked fine.

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