Fresh Manjaro KDE install, programs don't display when opened


I just installed Manjaro 20.1.2 with KDE. It starts up into KDE fine, but when I try to open any program (Konsole, Firefox, Dolphin, …) a new small icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen shows up for that program, indicating it is open, but there is no window for me to interact with. Does anyone have an idea about what might be causing this?



Helpful responses require helpful information.

Edit your post and you are more likely to have solutions.

I would have provided more information if I could use the terminal…

I installed XFCE instead and I am not having the problem I had with KDE. Going with XFCE.

If this is a new install and no changes, could KDE be indexing?
I don’t use KDE Search, so it’s one of the first things I turn off.

KDE has a system activity monitor (ctrl-esc). Columns are clickable/sortable.
For an advanced user, they could use a tty terminal (ctrl-alt-f1 thru f7) and type top or htop.

If you try KDE again, the first two settings I review: “Search” and “User Feedback”.

Thanks stargazer! I will remember this if I try KDE again.