Fresh manjaro doesn't boot at all after package manager update&upgrade

I’ve just finished my third reinstall of manjaro on my laptop, first there was that misc post-install configuration stuck on 95% issue, which i solved by just choosing not to install office.
After i got that to work i rebooted manjaro, everything worked fine so i went to the package manager, updated package lists and let it update. Everything seemed fine so I just rebooted one final time annnnnd it didn’t boot up. So i messed around with bios settings for a while, trying to switch UEFI to Legacy, changing boot order… but nothing helped so i just reinstalled the whole thing and everything worked fine until i updated the packages from package manager again at which point it just put me in a bios boot loop, again. My boot options are correct, it boots fine without the updates.
What do I do ? Thank you.

TLDR: Manjaro is in a “bios boot loop”, AFTER updating packages from the package manager. Worked fine before updating.

Hi @cow0075 and welcome to this forum.
How did you perform the updates? In TTY from the command line with a sudo pacman -Syyu ?

If not please try this first, since it is the first time your system gets an update after installation.

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

Hey, I used the GUI pamac manager. Do I need to use CLI for this ?

I think the safest way is indeed true the CLI. With small updates it should be ok, but in this case you better change to an other tty ( CTRL+ALT+F1 or 2,3,4,5 etc) and perform the update from there.

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Alright, Ill just reinstall it again and try that

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Alright. Seems like it worked and its updated now. Should i rather not use the GUI package manager ? I it honestly kinda suck if it just broke randomly. Anyways thanks for help

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For bigger updates including more core systems like xorg/kernels/desktop enviroment you should update via tty just to be safe. Otherwise unexpected problems can occur since files that are in use are overwritten including config files.
For normal program installation/deinstallation and smaller updates the pamac-gui is my prefered choice and handles it neatly though. You might also want to make incremental backups via timeshift before each bigger update, as it can save you if something goes only slightly wrong and the system is atleast still bootable to tty.

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