Fresh LUKS Install Fails to boot. Can not find Device


i did a fresh install on an nvme drive with the ISO manjaro-kde-23.0.4-231015-linux65.iso using UEFI boot.
I’ve used the following Disk Settings:

  • Delete Drive
  • Swap with Suspend and btrfs Filesystem
  • Enabled Encryption.

The Setups runs through and after the reboot i get prompted to enter the Passphrase. After that it can not find the LUKS device and goes into grub rescue mode.

Thing I’ve tried

  • Repeated the Installation twice. No success
  • Installed without LUKS. It works
  • Reproduced the same Steps in a KVM VM and it works

Which logs or other information are helpful in this case?
I’ve the option to record the whole installation and the error with an HDMI Capture Device, if that helps.
Thank you very much.

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It’s just a vague idea, if Secure Boot on on in BIOS, to turn that off.