Fresh installation stucks on sudo


I installed several times Manjaro xfce 20,21 and 21 minimal and have always the same problem. If I try to update (via terminal and gui same thing) everything stucks. In the terminal after pressing enter, it does’t promt to enter the passphrase. Just yesterday I installed on a other laptop. Also there it happend first a few times. But finaly it works. That’s why I tryed know ›quiete‹ passionaly.
The Troubleshooting-Options mentioned in the wiki don’t work if it can’t take the hinderance of stuck on sudo.

best wishes

… the machine is a Panasonic Cf-53 Toughbook, the cpu-info I wrote by joining the forum.

So, what’s your problem. It works ? It does not work ?
Where, When, What, Who ?

Hello @tasmo :wink:

A bit vague. The screen freezes? No response of the input devices? Myself, i have no problems at all… Maybe the laptop is not o powerful and it takes time until it react?

For more information, please post the the output of:

inxi -Fazy


I waited hours, after enter the sudo pacman -Syu. (-:

It seems to be a difficult hardware–panasonic toughtbook cf-53. I have seens 2 years problems with the kernels.
So I installed over an old iso–believe it was manjaro17 or 19.

Anyway thanks