Fresh installation, some parts broken after the update

I started using Bspwm on my laptop just to try it out and pretty much loved it. So I decided to install it on my desktop as well. Anyway, it runs well on live-USB, it runs well after the installation but after I update it and reboot, some things get broken. For example, when I try to open dotfiles with Micro using the top-left menu, Micro opens but it’s empty. When I close the window, the dotfile opens in Firefox. On Thunar, right-click >> Open with Micro also doesn’t work, this time nothing happens. On ~/.profile the default editor is Micro hence there are no other text editors. Other issue, after the reboot, the wallpaper scale over any other windows, even the panel. I can barely see them because of the transparency. I must kill and restart picom to fix this.

I installed the system twice and these happened on both. I used the same media (even the same flash drive) that I installed it on my laptop. It’s perfect on the laptop and everything works without an issue.

I was using i3 before and there were no problems.

Hope you can help me. Thanks.

@airclay can take a look at this when he is available. To my knowledge he is preoccupied for the moment.

@Yochanan is there something wrong with the updated desktop file of the micro package?

@Mitsukuni can you post the output of

find ~/ -iname 'micro.desktop'

Bspwm edition might have a custom version of the micro desktop file. If that is the case, delete it and try again.

@Chrysostomus Thank you for the reply.
Sadly the command does not print anything. I deleted the desktop file and tried again but still same.

Okay, that would be a sign that there is something wrong with the update…

I undestand.

Along with Micro issue, there is also picom issue. Not exactly sure what causes that but the wallpaper comes over other things on boot. Could be related to feh (if it’s been using for wallpaper). It’s been fixed after pkill picom and restart it.

By the way, should I wait for a newer ISO if it’s relatively close?

No idea how close a new iso release is. If you wait, you get better out of the box experience. If you stay with the current one, you can help us fix it for everyone.

I can do both actually.

The picom issue is like this. Sorry about it’s being a photo, apparently print screen also doesn’t work.

Forum doesn’t let me use media files somehow, guess it’s because this is a new account

This would do I guess

I also noticed, using Micro on terminal is fine. I can edit this way.
micro ~/.config/bspwm/bspwmrc

I was able to reproduce it with 2.07-1, but not 2.0.6-3. It’s fixed with 2.0.7-2.

@Mitsukuni What version of micro-manjaro do you have installed? Your profile says you’re on the stable branch, so you should have 2.0.6-3.

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@Yochanan Indeed it is 2.0.6-3.

Try 2.0.7-2 and see if you can still reproduce the issue:

Great. I understood that a stable snap is coming soon, so the issue is soon gone.

@Yochanan Yes there seems no problem with 2.0.7-2.

By the way, what do you think about picom issue, if that’s related to you?

find ~/ -iname 'micro.desktop' prints
find: ‘/home/mb/.cache/yay/xdg-su/pkg’: Permission denied
I also cannot install xdg-su. I downloaded binutils with pacman but still cannot install it.

==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

I’m not sure, sorry. picom is an Arch community package and I don’t use bspwm.

That’s an AUR package, please create a new thread in #support:aur with the full build log.

FYI, it’s an unmaintained, insecure package. I’d advise against using it.

I actually don’t know what xdg-su is for but there was a problem yay updating so I had to uninstalled it. If it’s insecure I should keep it this way anyway.

For picom, I’m suspecting on both autostart and feh. If I find anything I’ll write here.

Thanks for the replies.

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It used to be in the Manjaro repos, but was dropped awhile ago.

You can remove that folder like this:

sudo rm -rf /home/mb/.cache/yay/xdg-su/pkg

sudo rm -rf /home/mb/.cache/yay/xdg-su/pkg


I fixed the picom issue with removing the parts about Intel graphics from autostart file. (I have Nvidia)
The topic can stay open for now since I’m not 100% sure.


That sounds like a relic from the time when I was maintaining bspwm edition. Let’s take it out of the default configuration.

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I feel like I was a little helpful. :slight_smile:

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