Fresh Install - Two Immediate Issues - Photo Included In Post


I downloaded the current KDE ISO today and installed on an older laptop.

Two issues:
(1) Getting error message on boot which lasts a good 15-20 seconds?(see photo below)
(2) Why is LibreOffice no longer installed on fresh Manjaro installation?

Let me know, thanks!


That’s not an error message. It’s the output of an automatic file system check. It says “clean” because there’s no error on your filesystem. You have boot messages disabled, so that message just lingers there until your GUI is loaded. I can’t say why libreoffice is not included, but it’s very easy to install with pacman.

Thanks for the reply.

I have Manjaro KDE installed on my desktop and it does not show above message on boot?
Why does it show on the laptop and not the desktop?

Because you installed the one not showing it a long time ago and it doesn’t have the same hooks configured by default in mkinitcpio config file.

//EDIT check Silent boot - ArchWiki or this thread to have suggestion if you want to hide it Stuck at Manjaro: clean, .../...files, .../...blocks when shutting down - #5 by omano (it will not remove it though, so it will still be different from your other installation).

Thanks, that makes some sense (my desktop Manjaro was installed about 1 year ago)

What about LibreOffice?
(it’s the best of its kind)

If you need it install it then.

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