Fresh install recommended for hardware change?

I want to move from an intel system (i7-8700 & Z390) to AMD (Ryzen 7 5800X & X570). Will I likely need to reinstall Manjaro on the new system or will I be able to just move the drives over? Additionally, are there any problems I should watch out for when using AMD with Manjaro? I have heard that AMD drivers are not as friendly with linux and I want to know if anyone else has experience or knowledge about this. Also, I am using a Nvidia GPU in case that matters.

I will probably end up doing the upgrade either way, but whether or not I will need a new Manjaro install will affect the timing of when I commit to the upgrade. I would appreciate any help or ideas on this process. Thanks!

Uh… I have no idea where you heard that from… AMD drivers are one of the best on Linux… AMD drivers are built into the kernel itself. NVIDIA drivers are the ones that are prone to more issues, and they are proprietary

It should just work out of the box because everything is in the kernel.

Oh. I must’ve remembered something wrong then. Thank you for your help!

  • update your Efi Motherboard
  • you will have to change microcode on boot , and create entry in EFI motherboard boot
    may be add these options
  • processor.max_cstate=5 amd_iommu=on rcu_nocbs=0_15

Can you help me more on this process? I switched my motherboard, and now my Manjaro installation is not visible from motherboard settings. I am currently logged into my Manjaro by using a live USB stick. This is my partition table for the drive with Manjaro on it, if that helps.

If you are using AMD you can just upgrade now! The kernel includes AMD drivers.

You need to tell your motherboard to create a new EFI slot. Not sure how but ask some people on how to add a boot option with efibootmgr.

EDIT: I think it is a little more complicated from what it looks like. :thinking: I think you might have luck using the manjaro-chroot command to get into the system from your live installation.

Was my mistake for saying this, as I forgot boot entries are loaded into the motherboard’s NVRAM

You can try reinstalling the bootloader to see if it’ll the UEFI boot entries to the new motherboard’s NVRAM

Since you have a live USB stick, you can just chroot into your installation.

Don’t forget to also install amd-ucode.