Fresh install of Zoom on Manjaro Xfce will not open. Help needed

I have installed Zoom through Terminal. The install was successful. However after clicking to open the application (Zoom) the application stalls and freezes on the first Launch Window. After a minute of nothing happening, the window closes and Zoom does not open. I am running a Acer i3 laptop machine, with xfce Manjaro. Any ideas would be welcome.

Hello and welcome to the community,
Can you give more details about the zoom package you installed and how did you install it ?
I just built and installed it from aur and it launched fine.

  • sudo pacman -S base-devel
  • git clone
  • cd zoom
  • makepkg -sci

It just took me these command to get zoom working.

Thanks for your reply. I downloaded it from the Zoom website. After that I installed it using Terminal.
I will uninstall it and try again using AUR from the git repro you indicated in your instructions. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Hi Spikerguy. I followed your commands, and the aur installation of Zoom worked fine, very quick and smooth. However, it still will not open? Like before it freezes on the launch window and never opens. Could it be a browser issue? I am running firefox.

Zoom package is a separate electron app and doesn’t have any connection with the browser.
Can you share screenshot of what app you’re clicking on?
And screenshot of screen crash?