Fresh baremetal partitioning

Hi Newbie here.
Just installed Manjaro Xfce 21.05 or 21.07 (how can I lookup?)
I did manual partitioning
fat32, /boot/efi, 1GB, flag=legacy_boot,msftdata
linux-swap, no mount point, 8GB, flag=swap
ext4, /, 70GB, flag=NONE
[Encrypted]btrfs, /home, 50GB, flag=legacy_boot

Is this ok / good / bad to mix ext4 and btrfs?

thanks much and have a super day.

Welcome to the forum!

Since this is your first time posting, I would like to recommend you take a look at the link below:

Are you having issues booting up your install?

You can check which version are you on by:

  • just opening up a terminal window and typing:

    lsb_release --release
  • Manjaro Hello is an alternative way to accomplish that as well.

Hope that helps!

No boot errors, just wondering. In a best pratice way

only normal boot flag recommended.

no flag needed.

In the System I trust …