Frequently lose task/application manager panels(Windows style task bar)

I frequently lose my custom task/application manager panels. They disappear after a reboot, timed log out, update, etc…

The Plasma 6 update seems to have wiped them.

  1. Is there a way of restoring the custom ones I have already configured?

  2. Are they stored in a config file or something that I can backup to another folder to copy back to their origin in order to restore them when they disappear?

I found another post that was 3-4 years old on the same topic but I assume the info is outdated. Someone had recommended running these, but they dont make sense to me.

rm ~/.config/Trolltech.conf 
kbuildsycoca5 --noincremental
systemctl reboot 

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

I think you’ll find nobody will be able to help much if we don’t know what custom task panels you’re using?

Have you checked that it’s compatible with KDE/Plasma6?

Its the default task panel, its just the one that I have pin my assortment of applications to. Its just a breeze panel, but one with the customized pinned applications on it.

I keep a backup copy of ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc. This file contains many desktop and panel settings.

There is also a tutorial for saving configurations generally

But fair warning: this uses the AUR package konsave. I have never used it myself, and my impression is that konsave may not fully support Plasma 6 until the new konsave version 2.3.0 is released in a few months.

Of course, the best option is to repair the system so that it does not keep resetting on its own. The Arch wiki describes how to reset Plasma settings. Note that you may want to employ a more selective approach to clearing the cache than described in the wiki.


First and foremost, I would recommend logging out of Plasma completely, switching to a tty, and emptying ~/.cache/. This is important, because there’s a lot of old stuff in there that may interfere with your Plasma 6 settings.

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There is 30gb of data in the /.cache directory. Is that normal?

Not on a properly maintained system — and probably not an an unmaintained system either. :stuck_out_tongue:

~/.cache is what its name says: a cache, which means that there is nothing in there that cannot be recreated again on-the-fly if and when needed. Some browsers — e.g. chromium — keep their own browser cache in there, and browsers are known to be quite resource-hungry.

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A note on konsave:

I have used this for a week, at most, and so far it does exactly as advertised (even on Plasma 6). The simplest use case is to Save, Apply or Remove a profile, for example:

# Save current profile (specify name)
konsave -s <profilename>

# Overwrite saved profile (specify name)
konsave -s <profilename> -f

# Apply saved profile (specify name)
konsave -a <profilename>

# Remove saved profile (specify name)
konsave -r <profilename>

To install from AUR:

pamac build konsave

Interesting. I regularly clear other available caches, like the two in pamac. Freaking electron wants half your harddrive and a first born to build. I did not know of this one, and definitely did not know it could be so substantially inflated. I also use brave, which is chromium based, so I imagine that contributed.

Thank you @Takakage . Ill back up that directory. lm Hoping it mellows out it in KDE. They arent perfect, but I have largely loved my experience with Manjaro and KDE. Even ignoring all the corporate malevolence of Windows, I was having to reinstall it every 6 months because something would catastrophically break. Manjaro/KDE hasnt done that in 18 months so far.

Thanks for the help guys.

konsave is not quite everything though.

Is nowhere near exhaustive. The script itself actually targets more, but still not all.

Its also python - no idea why a bash script that does cp, mv and not much else needs python. Guess they wanted it to be easy to write and slow to run.

Transfuse on the other hand does/did save just about every configuration imaginable (widgets, pulseaudio, workspace settings, etc). But it has not been updated for plasma6.

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