Frequent freezing of Manjaro KDE

Hello Everyone!

I have installed Manjaro KDE (Intel Core I7, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA 1080TI, 512 GB SSD).
I am facing frequent freezing of the entire system. This occurs typically with graphics software, the mouse pointer keeps oscillating within a very small portion of the screen and system stops responding completely.
I have to use Magic SysReq to close all the apps and get back to the desktop.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?


Can you post the output of inxi -Fazy.
Did you install the drivers for the nvidia card? Witch one?
In your system settings, search compositor and check that you’re using OpenGL 3.1

Thanks for the reply. I have installed the NVIDIA driver using mhwd.
It is: video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-450xx-prime.
I have confirmed that the compositor rendering back-end is OpenGL 3.1
Would you still need the output of inxi -Fazy? It’s about 2 screen page large actually.
(I can get you the relevant field values if needed.)

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This is what I was talking about

About the problem. Those problems are with intel o nvidia card? I don’t know much about explicit configurations of drivers, but searching in the forum it would give you better knowledge. Sorry!!

Hello. There are already couple of threads about it tags%3Aplasma%2Ckde didn’t you find something useful in there?

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Do you have swap? Maybe its something about running out of memory.

You can try install nohang (nohang-git in the AUR),then you activated with

sudo systemctl enable --now nohang-desktop.service

it will prevent your computer to freeze when there is so much I/O or if you run out of memory,it will notified you if you are low of RAM and notifiy you what process terminated or killed to prevent the freeze.