Frequent cursor movement causes high cpu in chromium and xorg

  1. Open “example .com” in chromium.
  2. Move the cursor up and down over text multiple times. The cursor will constantly switch between default and text. (css: cursor:default ,cursor:text)
  3. In ‘htop’, you can observe that xorg and chromium have high context switch(10000+) and cpu usage(25%).
  4. Add a rule ( * { cursor:default !important; } ) to the page, repeat step 2, the cursor won’t change. The context switching (500+) and cpu usage(11%) of the two processes dropped a lot.Same result as moving the cursor on the blank area with no text on the page.

Does this happen to everyone?

Please see [HowTo] Request support and provide the proper information accordingly.

I cant get chromium to use anywhere near 10% cpu even with dozens of tabs and video playing …
It certainly doesnt jump when I mouse over text.

It is probably prudent to follow @bogdancovaciu’s suggestion and include system information.