Freezing after /dev/sda1: clean

Few days ago there were a lot of updates for Manjaro and apps. I run them and now when i run again my laptop, it was displaying an error message that system could not start pkgfile database update.
After booting in text console mode using grub menu, i was able to update/reinstall pkgfile.

However even if this error message is not displayed anymore, my laptop is freezing after displaying the /dev/sda1: clean message
No other message is displayed. I’m able to boot in text console mode using grub menu and network is working. However system does not start the KDE plasma desktop.

So what could be the issue ?

what do you mean with grub? dont you mean tty - ctrl+alt+f2?
try rerun the update again from tty:
sudo pacman -Syu
post any errors

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