Freezes at the beginning xfce


I have a strange behavior with my xfce. it’s simple, when I boot, I logged me, and when xfce starts, after ~30 sec, it freezes (mouse/keyboad don’t work, firefox switch its theme), then when the freeze stops, all is normal (even firefox). The freeze lasts ~2 sec. And there is a second freeze like the first one ~10 sec after the first. After the second, all is normal. So I can use my computer, no problem, it’s just weird. I tested an other kernel, it’s same. (my laptop is the asus ROG Strix SCAR 15 G533QS-HF009T)

In order to get some assistance, it would be very helpful to have some basic information about your system, e.g. inxi output and journal log in this case.
Please read:

Please post: journal output for the last boot that this occurred:

journalctl -b -p err