Freedownloadmanager scaling issue in KDE

My system info : Manjaro Stable
Qt version: 5.15.2
My KDE set scaling to 125%.
The Freedownloadmanager was installed from the community repo.
The Freedoanloadmanager Qt version: 5.12.10.

When the application use default setting: scalling 125%, just like this picture.

When I use command QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=DP1=1.0 /opt/freedownloadmanager/fdm, to set scalling to 1.0, it looks well, but just without any scalling. like this picture.

I don’t known is it a qt bug or just the application “Freedownloadmanager” bug?
And I disable the application’s scaling to slove this problem though is not prefect.

Could be either … but I find that using Plasmas ‘scaling’ doesnt work well for me.

Instead I set the DPI and a few options here and there… you can look at this script for an example

(please remember to set scaling and all back to defaults before using)

Thanks for your help.
The script is very helpful. :smile: