Free download manager can't detect Google chrome

I’ve installed Google Chrome and FDM both from the AUR.
There is an option in FDM to install the chrome extension from the app. But the app says that “google chrome is not installed”.
Again, Epiphany (gnome-web) can’t detect google chrome as I tried to import something. Epiphany has added a new feature in it – It can now import passwords from chromium-based browsers. But even the new version can’t detect google chrome in my system.

It seems google chrome becomes invisible if I download it from AUR.

Hello, I have ran into a similar problem when trying to get browser integration with other applications. I think that your problem might be that you are using the AUR instead of the official chromium from the official repositories. You may have to install chromium from the official repositories to get the integration with Epiphany and FDM. I dont know for sure if this is the problem but AUR or even stap and flatpac tend to not have as much support across different applications as the official sources. I think this because the data files are in different locations so there is less intigration.

google chrome is not available in official repos.
and please think about this issue. I believe it is possible to solve this.
There are many awesome softwares in the unofficial repositories; so it is important to solve this issue.

Complain to the FDM people if you want.
Thats most likely the problem.
(and … what usefulness does it really serve anyways?)
Otherwise … why not just use the web store to add to your chrome?

It looks like poor software … but here it is…

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yes i have used web store. but I feel the problem is about the integration of AUR with the environment.

As I mentioned here; google chrome seems to be invisible to other apps. I feel AUR packages are like invisible software to other software. So I’m just informing this issue to you for the betterment of our OS.

But … thats simply not how it works.
It has nothing to do with whether its from the repos or the AUR. the system doesnt care where a package is from once you process a PKGBUILD. Its just a local package with files distributed like any other local package.
If there is an issue … then theres an issue with the software you are using.
(whether thats the chrome PKGBUILD in the AUR … or more likely … the construct of FDM)
None of which this distro/community has any control over :woman_shrugging:

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he is also saying something like that.

OK… Their supposition is also again either incorrect or the fault of the packages mentioned.

Just because more than one person has the wrong idea does not make it any more correct.