Framework laptop 12th gen, trying to get fingerpint to work

So I have kde plasma with kernel 5.15.76-1. I followed some post that recommended to get libfprint. I think I almost got it working.

It says that my fingerprint login is not yet supported. I also already scanned it and when I restart my laptop and try to use my fingerprint, it just doesnt work.
I mostly followed this post. Also my fingerprint is supported for sure. I am using the framewok laptop 12th gen and I also have windows 10 installed on the side. With windows the fingerprint works.
If anyone has some help, thanks. I am also newer.

Hello @haShinui,

the user from the other post uses gnome, which normaly user GDM as “Display Manager” (Login Screen). KDE uses SDDM as Display Manager as I know.

So you should take a look in the Arch Wiki for SDDM.

For more help the helpers have to know more about your system. So please post the output from these commands:

inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --width

Also I guess the package fprintdshould be installed! Is it? :slightly_smiling_face: