Frame lag when use WM

Hey, I’m using Manjaro KDE Plasma, recently I Installed suckless DWM beside Plasma to help me in tilling windows during work, but I noticed that there is a lot of frame-drop when I run a video or trying to move the window to another place (when I move the windows quickly I can see the drop) when I back to Plasma everything works well even the animation is very smooth, the same thing with videos, it works very well in Plasma.

My graphic card is Nvidia GTX 1650, and it’s activated.
My laptop screen is 120Hz.
help, please.

Edit: I tried to use another window manager so I installed I3 thought the issue is about DWM, but I’ve got the same problem with i3.


Why not using kwin-scripts-krohnkite-git instead, inside your Plasma session? Isn’t DWM using picom as compositor? If that is not properly set, you will have a lot of issues during work, and you will have to manually configure it.

Thank you for this suggestion, I’ve tried Krohnkite before and I preferred using DWM + I’m wondering why DWM causes this issue.

I told you already:

while Plasma is using Kwin. Did you replaced Kwin with picom or how do you run dwm inside plasma?

Sorry I didn’t notice well:D, no I didn’t replace it, act this is my first time to know about compositors. I don’t run dwm inside plasma.
will replacing the compositor solve it? if yes, how to do so?

I installed Picom and it fixed some drops when opening a new window or moving one, but video playback is still too choppy

h e l p

so yes it was about the compositor as @bogdancovaciu said, but I’d to run picom with this command: picom --experimental-backends --backend glx --xrender-sync-fence

I added it to my dwm, and everything works well!

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