Fractional scaling and tearing on Gnome with Intel GPU

I have Intel GPU and Nvidia dGPU. I performed clean installation of Manjaro Gnome. Changed parameter in dconf
org.gnome.mutter experimental-features on ‘x11-randr-fractional-scaling’. Rebooted. Nothing changed in settings. Then I installed packages from that post. And finally found fractal scalling in settings that works. But with working fractal scalling I also getting screen tearing. So I tried that solution. And couldn’t start system after reboot. Stucked on motherboard manufacturer’s logo screen. So I booted live system from USB and deleted created file for preventing tearing and booted system successfully, but with same tearing. So with solution from Wiki I can’t boot manjaro system at all (works with non-manjaro distros). Is there easier way to get fractal scalling or another solution to fix tearing?

Also animation stutters not like in other distros. During opening of desktops switching menu, for example (when user press Super button). I guess, it’s happening because of Intel graphics that is not supposed to work with such animations of Gnome? Or dunno. Best working out-of-the-box Gnome fractal scalling I’ve ever found was on Fedora 34, 35 beta. But they used Wayland and xwayland or something similar. I didn’t test if I could use nvidia dGPU with Wayland. Cause as I know nvidia doesn’t support Wayland. So my problems are:

  • fractal scalling (no, large text option actually not good, because it doesn’t scale buttons)
  • tearing on Intel graphics
  • non-smooth animations in Gnome

KDE is pretty good for me. But I want to try everything I can to make Gnome working fine, because of laptop’s display size.

What speaks against the use of Wayland? This is Gnome standard and will continue to replace X11 in the future.